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To watch TV and operate a computer in the darkness is forbidden

To watch TV in the darkness as well as operate a computer is strictly forbidden. This can threaten not only banal eye fatigue, but the deterioration of the eye sight, increasing intraocular pressure and even the emergence of glaucoma.

Firstly, rays, which come from the TV, cause severe eye strain, and secondly, eyes in dim lighting set on twilight vision, thus the pupil dilates. The larger the pupil is, the higher is the intraocular pressure. Continual high intraocular pressure eventually leads to glaucoma. Glaucoma is the «cunning» and common disease that carefully disguises itself. Even after surgery, it may remind about itself again and again. Having glaucoma one may suffer from a variation of intraocular pressure several times a day, unnoticeably “killing” a fiber of optic nerve. If the nerve dies, the person loses sight completely and forever. 20% of people with visual handicaps become blind because of glaucoma.

BE CAREFUL! For children it is particularly dangerous to watch TV without the light because of their fragile psyches. If the room is dark, there will be permanent twinkles, because the frames with different lighting change rapidly, especially when TV advertising or cartoons are shown. It has a bad influence on child’s psyches as well as on the eyes. And you must be more careful with infants.

U.S. scientists made an experiment that confirmed the hypothesis that the heightened contrast between the brightness of the display and lighting in the room causes eye fatigue. During the experiment, volunteers were shown two films. The first group of volunteers watched a movie on the flat screen located on a well-lit wall; the second group was shown a film in the dark room. To watch a second film two groups were swapped. During a break and after the second watching, volunteers had to pass special tests.

According to scientists’ investigations, the lack of lighting in the room, helped to reduce the reaction during the task. Participants that watched the film in the darkness are also increasingly complained about the visual tension, fatigue and sleepiness.

However, to turn on the desk lamp only makes no sense: the eyes would constantly change their regime from daylight to dusk. It is better to use 60 watts light bulbs. In the large rooms it is better to use 100 watts light bulbs.

The second variant is better when the light source is placed behind the TV, so that you can see the light reflected from the wall while the sauce of light is hidden. The ideal solution is to hang the sconce on the wall behind the TV to achieve the desired brightness in the room.

To reduce the harmful effect of computers on the eyes, use proven professional advice:
-Place the monitor away from windows.
-Place the screen of the monitor so as to look at it top-down at an angle of 10 - 15 degrees to the horizon.
-Put the documents with which you work, close to you in order you do not have to change the focal length of the eye, switching from screen to paper. And if possible use the holder for the papers.
-Regularly dust the screen of monitor and dry the fingerprints.
-Reduce the brightness. If the image on the display is blurry, dimly and glimmering, immediately adjust it.
-The optimal distance from your eyes to the monitor is about 23.6 inches. Sit comfortable on a chair, pay attention to the shoulders, they should be relaxed, neck does not extended forward and back relies comfortably on the back of the chair. This is very important because muscle strain inevitably leads to eye strain and headaches.

This article was published on 03 December 2008.
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