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The eyes are the mirror of the soul

Actually, the eyes are not only a mirror of the soul, but also personal and even sexual characteristics of a person. And not all are aware that the there is a difference between eyes.
Men and their psychological system are arranged such way, that, for example, wishing, «to close the fountain» of their eloquence, one should stare at them and don’t blink his eyes. And vise-versa, do not do so, if you want your talker to say his say. At the same time, if you feel tired of woman’s talk and you want to stop her «speech stream» you should simply turn your eyes aside.
This is not all of cause. Looking into the eyes of a person you are able to draw much useful information. For example, researchers proved that the owner of light brown eyes always feel better than anyone. They tend to be rather easy to fall in love with the person they like as well as to break up the relationships. So they are not inclined to long depressive feelings because they are apart with the recently beloved person. Actually, they often follow their mind, but not heart.

Yellow-eyed people often ask the question: how to solve the professional, and often, sexual problems (although they know the answers subconsciously). Such person should be assisted in resolving issues and problems, relying on theirs intuition. The representatives of this type are often can’t be humorous to difficulties and only caring and wise people can help them.
According to experts, if these people begin to change their partners, these relationships will not go long.

Life of the blue-eyed people is the most intensive between 14 and 38 years. Then they gradually start feeling apathy, they want calmness and peacefulness (their partners should know this).
Such men are often worried about the correctness of the chosen path. But more often they worry that their friends do not think good enough about them. The representatives of this type often fail in the relationships with the opposite sex because of their hypochondria and tenderness and thereby reduce their lives. Their partners should be tactful and strive to help them to enhance their self-esteem.

Best time in the life of brown-eyed people, even if it may seem strange, usually begins after 42 years. Only in this age, they feel self-assurance and self-confidence. Their characteristic is that they always doubt; is it worth to trust anyone the secrets or not? (Alas, they have a lot of secrets).
Therefore, especially after 42 years, they are busy with finding a reliable life-partner. However, when the self-confidence (which come with age and experience) have been strengthened, they often change partners and to the age of 50 years, some of them have a reputation of seducer. Alas, sexual excesses often don’t disappear without a trace, and therefore they should not forget about the necessity of moderation.

Very fortunate are usually people with gray eyes. Their Happy Star begins to shine them from the childhood, and for many years they know how to react quickly to changing circumstances and to overcome any difficulties. Gray-eyed man is very superstitious. The happiest time for them is the time of new moon.
However, after 55 years their lucky star, alas, begins to grow dim, usual success disappears, that often leads to a black melancholy. Then the gray-eyed people feel very lonely and sexually lost. The main «lifebuoy» for them at this age is reliable, understanding and loving partner.

Blue eyes are most often deceptive. They are usually associated with naivety and dreaminess. But in fact the owners of the blue eyes rather persistently (and even boldly!) reach their goal. But in love blue eyes attract and it’s impossible to forget, them even after rapid collapse of family or intimate relationships.

The best time for green eyed people is youth. The most significant events in their lives occur between the 15 and 25 years. Later, they become more careful and legible in sexual relationships. They are practical, pragmatic, but devoted and reliable (especially with their partner) and, alas, not always happy. However, many things in their life depend on a good luck, as well as education, skills and abilities to build a psychological defense against the different stress situations, but what is the most important for them is the reliability of their life-partner.

Black eyes, no doubt, show passionate temperament. The owners of the black eyes are often nervous, love to order everywhere and in everything, especially in love. They are ready to do everything to protect their happiness and their love.

The shape of the eyes as well as the size may also show the character of their owners.
For example, large eyes usually show the sensitive soul and often the manliness and even the desire for leadership.

Small eyes usually belong to closed, sometimes arrogant and stubborn people. However, be aware that the main feature of this type of people is permanency!

As for the types of eyes, there are more than 40 types. Here are their main of them:

Big Eye with many wrinkles on eyelids are usually typical for people who aspire to leadership in everything.

Elongated eyes with curled eyelashes show the sophistication nature.

The narrow, elongated eyes with double or triple eyelids are characteristic feature of obese and peaceful-natured people. Round eyes usually show hot temper (but they soon get calm) of their possessors. And if round eyes are always open, this indicates the impetuous and sincere character.
Prominent eyes reflect the expressed sensuality and wisdom.

Elongated almond-eyes, when the exterior corners are raised up, show some cruelty of their owners, but sometimes can be a sign of the delicate soul, sensuality and desire for love. If the outer corners of eyes are put down, it could indicate a propensity to disputes and melancholy.

But deep-set eyes are usually a sign of a rich inner life, as well as a distrust to others (including opposite sex).

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the location of the eyes. If both eyes are on the same line, this, in many ways, a favorable sign, but even if the corners of the eyes are dropped down, it can only show the determination of a person. But if the upper eyelid is downed, it could mean a decrease of energy potential. Puffy lower eyelid is a sign of the active life, and too sagging lower eyelid shows the uncontrolled attractions. Puffy eyelids are a sign of tiredness from life. Some wrinkles in the corners of the eyes usually shows insight of people.

And the last: if your partner can stare at you with sensual, «stripped» look for 5 minutes, he or she will be a good lover for you. If he or she is blinking, turns the eye sight aside earlier than in 5 minutes, he or she is just pretending that you - the only one who needed.

This article was published on 03 December 2008.
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