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Sunglasses 01 March 2010
Ultra-violet rays are very dangerous for human's eyes. Their falling on retina is one of the main reasons for developing of severe ophthalmologic illnesses. Consequences from UV-rays are gathering, the risk of getting problems with eyes increases, for example, cataract in mature age... Staying under bright light – is very harmful for eyes, in summer and in winter as well. So shouldn't we go outside? What do we need to do? Don't worry! Our good friends Sunglasses are a perfect Device for Individual Protection against the Sun. They were very popular for a long time as a convenient thing and stylish accessory. For today your sunglasses must possess the UV protection coat. Ophthalmologists recommend to put them on, when you get outside (more than 6 hours), because even wide-brimmed hat protectsfrom 50% of UV-radiation. In addition, there is a guileful excess glitter. It happens, when light is reflected from horizontal surfaces (water, asphalt, snow, ice and even grass). "Optical interference” reduces the worsening of the visibility, provokes the eye's irritation and misting of the vision, contributes to beginnings of headache, makes screw up one's eyes and hinders to drive a car. Let's view existing lenses with UV coat characteristics: Middle-dark lenses are good for wearing everyday, but for being under bright light you need glasses with darker lenses. Color and degree of darkening do not indicate the level of UV-protection. Polarized lenses diffuse the bright light, reflected from smooth surfaces. Sunglasses with this type of lenses are used while driving and going in for water sports. Don't forget, that polarization, itself isn't related to UV-rays absorption. Photochromic lenses are used for manufacturing of prescribed sunglasses. Optical transmission in this type of lenses is about 25-80%, and with increasing of the temperature, this index increases too. Mirror polishing means thin layer of metal coating on ordinary lens. There are also face-colored organic lenses. Opticians all over the world do their best to consider lifestyle of the client while choosing the color of sunglasses. Grey lenses make equal light transfer and so they are better for designers, painters, decorators. Brown lenses are for those who drive a car; it makes the visual perception of more contrasting green color that’s why it makes the road more clear. Green lenses, like brown ones, make the improvement of contrast without changing the color rendition. A lot of people prefer sunglasses with yellow lenses, because they look like sporting.