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Welcome to Eyeglassesonlineshop.com. Thank you for expressing interest in us, we appreciate your interest! Now we provide you with opportunity to buy your prescription glasses at prices that are far cheaper than you will find at your local optician. We provide our customers with brilliant designs of glasses that are topping the bestseller list in many countries. If you are looking for designer specs, fashionable frames, rimless glasses, semi-rimless frames or cheap prescription spectacles, you will find all these items on this website. Buy cheap, high-quality and stylish glasses in our on-line shop, take care of your eyes.

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Special exercises for eyes

These simple exercises will help to take the tiredness off and restore visual acuity. It is also recommended as a prevention of many ophthalmologic diseases.

Close your eyes tight for 5 second, then open them for 5 seconds. Repeat 8 times.

Press easily on the eyelids with the three fingers of each hand for 5 seconds, then let the eyes relax. Repeat 5 times.

Take a sit on the low chair and relax. Roll your eyes clockwise and against it. Repeat this exercise 5 times and after the exercise blink several times.

Stick the round red or black mark with diameter of 5 mm on the window. Stand up or sit down at a distance of about 20 inches from the window. Find any object for sight fixation (tree, lamppost, the roof of the house) outside the window, then transfer your sight from the mark on the window to this object alternately.

Imagine that you stand close to a large wall clock, the center of which is located directly in front of your eyes. At the beginning of the exercise your sight is fixed in a centre of the wall clock. Then, without moving the head, look at any of the figures on the dial, then return to the center quickly. Now look at the other figure and go back to the center. You need to «get round» the whole dial clockwise and vise-versa.

Sit down and put your elbows on the table, make a ladle of your palms and place your forehead on it. Closed eyes touch the palms. Are the colored abstractions flicker in your eyes? Try to see something that is carbon black - black velvet, black cat, a soft black hat.

This article was published on 03 December 2008.
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