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How to choose glasses. Useful tips.

Nowadays, glasses have become a part of the image of business people, besides they are often worn by people with the good sight. Frames can be of different shapes and colors; they can be decorated with original details like paste. You can choose glasses that will suit your face as well as the color of your eyes or hair. The best way is to have several glasses for different occasions. Classical shaped glasses without unnecessary details and decorations will suit the official style best of all, for example rimless glasses or semi-rimless glasses. Those who consider glasses to be an image accessory can choose frames made of precious metals. The frames for activity and sports should be tight-fitting and solid. It is very important to have light and comfortable glasses for every day usage. Among huge variety of frames you can choose those glasses that will beautify your face. Take into consideration the shape of your face while choosing the frame. Spectacles of any shape will suit the owner of oval face with the right features. Classical frame will suit to such type of face best of all and will perfectly harmonize with the beautiful features. The top line of the frame should coincide with the eyebrows line. If you have triangular shaped face with broad lower part, it is recommended to choose a rectangular frame. It will optically broaden your face, narrowed in the temples. For heart-shaped face it is better to choose medium-sized glasses in oval frame. Moreover the eyebrows should be visible above the frame. If the shape of your face is round then choose glasses in the form of a trapeze with upper corners raised to temples. Round or oval-shaped frames are not for you as well as dark colored frames. Frame should be modest, with a narrow nose-bridge, preferably in dark colors. In case if the person has too broad or stout face, it is recommended to wear oval, square or round shaped glasses. And finally, the owner of a square or rectangular face should choose oval and triangular with rounded corners frames. Thus the upper line of frames should be slightly beyond the outer line of the eyebrows. Regarding to the color of frame, the best colors for blondes are grey-blue, blue and emerald green; for brunettes are grey-blue or metallic (silver) tone. Olive, blue or pale colored frames would suit red-haired people. People with grey hair can wear frames in all colors except yellow and grey. And, of course, your glasses should correspond to your style, appearance and image.

This article was published on 08 April 2013.
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