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Welcome to Eyeglassesonlineshop.com. Thank you for expressing interest in us, we appreciate your interest! Now we provide you with opportunity to buy your prescription glasses at prices that are far cheaper than you will find at your local optician. We provide our customers with brilliant designs of glasses that are topping the bestseller list in many countries. If you are looking for designer specs, fashionable frames, rimless glasses, semi-rimless frames or cheap prescription spectacles, you will find all these items on this website. Buy cheap, high-quality and stylish glasses in our on-line shop, take care of your eyes.

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Conditions of Use  
Conditions of Use
Internet shop is equipped with a "shopping cart", which makes the process of ordering more convenient.

For purchasing you need:
1. To choose the product and fill out an order form
2. To finish choice, click on the link “Add to cart” for each product (you can select several products, when you move from category to category, the cart save the products, "lying" in it)
3. To go to the cart, using the link «Shopping Cart» and edit your order, if necessary, follow the instructions
4. To press the button at the bottom of the page "Checkout"

Terms of Service
1. Introduction:
1.1. These Terms govern the relationship with visitors while using the Internet-shop, so please take time to read them before shopping;
1.2. If a visitor does not agree to these terms and with all that relates to products, services and information provided through Internet-shop, he will not be able to purchase products offered by on-line shop;
1.3. The owner of Internet shop reserves the right to change these Terms. Changing conditions will be valid after the publication on the site and apply to transactions that are made after the date of publication;

2. The status of Internet-shop Eyeglassesonlineshop.com:
2.1. Internet-shop is owned by the Seller, and was created for remote sales via the Internet;
2.2. The seller reserves the right in its sole discretion to stop selling products and services, as well as regulate access to the purchase of any products or services;
2.3. The seller reserves the right to alter, delete, or publish in on-line store any information about products. The seller may change the prices of products and services, and also may stop functioning or modify any or all sections of the Internet-shop at his discretion and without prior notice;
2.4. To view information on products from the visitor there is no need to register, or to conclude a contract to use the resource of the on-line shop;
2.5. Using the Internet-shop to view information about products and to choose products, as well as to complete the order is gratuitous for visitors;
2.6. The transactions of on-line shop are governed by Conditions of use on a public offer, located at Eyeglassesonlineshop.com. After paying for on-line orders, the buyer receives ordered goods under the conditions of this document;
2.7. Information that is located on the on-line shop is publicly available, unless otherwise determined by the Terms;
2.8. Internet shop is not responsible for the content and accuracy of information provided by visitors during the ordering process;
2.9. On-line shop has the right to send to the visitor e-mail information about the development of Internet-shop.

3. The status of the buyer:
3.1. The buyer is a private person or company, that has ordered the products from on-line shop under the Conditions of Use;
3.2. The fact of paying for ordered products means that visitor accepts the conditions of public offers of the on-line shop, and gives the visitor the status of the Buyer;
3.3. The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information during the ordering process.

4. The procedure of making the order:
4.1. To make an order on-line, the visitor provides information about himself: Name, address, e-mail, phone, details of the delivery;
4.2. Buyer's expression of will is carried out through the introduction of the latest of relevant data in the order form in on-line shop and paying for ordered product under the Conditions of use;
4.3. Internet shop does not edit the information of the buyer.

5. Access to information about the buyers:
5.1. The information provided by the customer is confidential;
5.2. On-line shop uses the information of buyers only for the normal functioning of the Internet-shop (for example, to send notifications to the buyer about the implementation of the order, etc.) and in the cases referred to these Conditions.

6. Guarantee
6.1. We want you to be totally satisfied with anything you order from us. Inspect your purchase immediately upon receipt. If you are not satisfied with the condition of the products, or the products are faulty, let us know and we'll give you a return instructions. Please mind that making the order on our web site you agree that we, Eyeglassesonlineshop.com company is not responsible for parcels which were destroyed by a customs house on the territory of your country.

7. Cancellation of order
7.1. In case you need to cancel your order, you are able to do so without any reason within 12 hours, please email us asking to cancel your order.

8. Obligations of parties:
8.1. After customer pays for orders, the seller and the buyer assume the obligations and receive the rights set forth in Conditions of use.

A visitor has read and accepted these Conditions to purchase products in on-line shop.