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Welcome to Eyeglassesonlineshop.com. Thank you for expressing interest in us, we appreciate your interest! Now we provide you with opportunity to buy your prescription glasses at prices that are far cheaper than you will find at your local optician. We provide our customers with brilliant designs of glasses that are topping the bestseller list in many countries. If you are looking for designer specs, fashionable frames, rimless glasses, semi-rimless frames or cheap prescription spectacles, you will find all these items on this website. Buy cheap, high-quality and stylish glasses in our on-line shop, take care of your eyes.

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In our on-line shop you will find the wide range of different cases for your optical glasses or sunglasses. No matter what style you prefer! We give you the great opportunity to buy cases for men, women and children, in Classic or Sport Style, or Fashion cases. We try to satisfy every taste that’s why you may find cases made from leather imitation or covered with textile, transparent or plastic cases. You may also buy comfortable and fashion chains for your glasses in our on-line shop. We also give you an opportunity to order microfibre cloth for glasses. Choose the proper category Cases, Microfibre cloth or Chains, choose the product you like, place your order and wait till we deliver your new purchase.

Cases for your glasses
Cases for your glasses
Microfibre cloth for lenses
Microfibre cloth for lenses
Chains for glasses
Chains for glasses

Case Model OB80
Price: $15.00
Case Model OB79
Price: $19.00
Case Model OB78
Price: $19.00
Case Model PL43
Price: $6.00
Case Model OB59
Price: $25.00
Case Model SK20
Price: $15.00